Intellectual Property Services

Patent Prior Art Searches: Gain an understanding of how likely you will be to receive resistance at the USPTO by searching all known databases for relevant prior art citations that a patent examiner might use to reject your invention. Know before you file; never leave things to chance.

Patent Application and Prosecution Services: We provide comprehensive patent application and prosecution services, including drafting patent applications for utility and design applications, preparing responses to office actions, and handling PTAB appeals. Our experienced patent attorney works closely with clients to ensure that their innovations are protected, and their rights are secured.

Trademark Registration Services: Our trademark registration services cover every aspect of the trademark application process, including trademark clearance searches, application preparation and filing, specimen submission, and oppositions. We help clients navigate the complexities of trademark law and ensure that the arduous work you put into your branding is protected.

Trademark Monitoring Services: Our trademark monitoring services monitor every trademark application published for opposition on the Official Gazette and in other nations. Monitoring is the first step towards adequate enforcement of your trademark rights. It is easier to stop a confusingly similar mark at the application stage and prevent registration than it will be to remove a live registration. We help clients navigate the complexities of trademark enforcement and ensure that your branding remains strong and undiluted.

Trademark Litigation and Civil Enforcement Services: Our experienced litigation attorney is dedicated to protecting our clients’ trademark rights whether it is through litigation, arbitration and mediation, or settlement negotiations. We will zealously advocate for you whether it’s infringement, unfair competition, trade dress, or other civil enforcement action.

Office Action Response Services: Individuals have the full legal right to represent themselves Pro Se (i.e., without representation) before the USPTO. We also know that things happen, maybe you got too busy or you have become frustrated by the language used by the Patent and Trademark Office. Our office action response services provide clients with the tools and expertise necessary to respond to office actions from patent and trademark examiners. We help clients navigate the complex requirements of these office actions and ensure that their applications are approved as quickly and efficiently as possible. No matter what stage you are at in your application, we can pick up and help you complete the process and respond to any office actions received to make sure your application does not go abandoned.

Copyright Registration and Enforcement Services: Our copyright registration and enforcement services cover all aspects of copyright protection, including registration, licensing, and enforcement. We help clients protect their creative works and ensure that their rights are enforced.

Trade Secret Evaluation, Implementation, and Enforcement Services: We help clients evaluate their trade secrets, implement effective trade secret systems and processes, and enforce their trade secret rights. Our experienced attorney provides the guidance you need so you know how to protect valuable confidential information that cannot be protected by patent or trademark applications, including strategies for maintaining secrecy and enforcing trade secret rights should they escape.

International Scope of Services: Our intellectual property services have a specific international scope. We pride ourselves on having the capability to assist clients with intellectual property matters in multiple jurisdictions. We have extensive experience in international patent and trademark prosecution, licensing, and enforcement, and can help clients protect their intellectual property rights around the world.